"Simple, sour and sweet, sweet soup, delicious and died."


Mainly hible cake 200g, Apple, the amount of sweet potato starch water, pure water is moderate,


Rock sugar 30g, sour sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minute time, simple difficulty,

Practices for hawthorn apple soup

1 rock sugar.

2 sweet potato starch water spare.

3 Apple washing.

4 peel.

5 cutting sheets.

6 hawthorn cut small pieces.

Put in the pot of hawthyl cake and appropriate amount of water.

8 fire boiled and cooked about five minutes.

9 Add Apple.

10 Cook for about five minutes, pour into the good sweet potato starch water, slowly stir with a spoon, cook for three minutes.

11 Add a rock sugar to cook a moment.

12 in a bowl.

13 dessert.