"The heart is beautiful, and the vitamin C and trace elements contained in the vitamin C and trace elements can effectively help the human body to enhance immunity, improve the disease resistance, and have good anti-inflammatory, phlegm, cough, and qi and therapeutic effect.It can help the treatment including a variety of diseases, including the cold, the vermicelli and pear match, is the best food that relieves cough. "


Main pear 2, 1 piece of heart, 1 apple, the right amount of rock sugar, a small amount of the jujube, the amount of water, sour taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of radish pears

1 Preparation of ingredients.

2 pears, radish peeling blocks, apple cut, jujube dry, rock sugar into a small pot.

3 Add water, boiled for about 20 minutes.

4 finished products.