"The ancients said the pear" Big Guo "," Materia Medica "records" moistening and thirst, clear lungs "The sweetness of the sweetness of the sweet refined, the swelling scorpion is very comfortable. The spring is clear, and the 萱 is with the fleegen with snow pears, clear heat, fire, moisturize, sweet soup scaven from the fire, and clearLung gas, let the body get better stretch. "


Main material Sydney, the amount of the melan, the applied water is appropriate, the amount of rock sugar, sour taste, steam process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Folding earnger snow pear drinking practice steps

1 preparation.

2 Sydney, peeled, and dig empty.

30% off the ear root wash, cut the section.

4 Put the folded ear root section into the pear, add water and appropriate amount of rock sugar.

5 Put into the pot and steam for 15 minutes.

6 finished products.


Snow pear, drinking spring, will make people feel the flowers and fruits of clean, peaceful smell.The fragrance of food is also the most beautiful gift with nature.