"This white sweet potato is exported to Japan. The first time I feel that it is shocked ~ There is such a delicious meal. The first time is roasting, especially sweet, and there is ice cream.I feel. A big box, only TWO block, use a piece today, and I am preparing to the yard. Watermelon is just a good look for color matching. "


Ingredients with sweet potatoes, 1 pineapple, pineapple Half catties, a number of pure water in addition,


Rock sugar 50g, acid sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Pineapple sweet potato soup water practice steps

1 Sweet potato wash.

2 Peel washing.

3 All lying ingredients.

4 in the pot.

5 plus purge water, should now make rock sugar, I forgot.

6 cover, boiled the pot and change the small fire, cook the sweet potato.

7 cooked sweet potatoes.

8 Take rock sugar.

9 On the rock sugar, cook until the solubility can be dissolved.

10 disc.

11 finished products.