"Apple is nutritious, and" wisdom fruit "," memory fruit "is the United States. Eat more Apple has enhanced memory, improve intelligent effect Apple contains pectin in apple, can inhibit intestinal abnormal peristalsis, so that digestive activities slow down Inhibition of mild diarrhea. There is also a two-function and role of a long-term and diarrhea. The silver ear is a precious nutrient nourishing product, the drug value is also very high. The silver ear can improve the liver's detoxification ability, and there is a liver effect. Long-term Eat silverers can moisturize the skin, but also lose weight. Apple is mixed with the silver ear, delicious and health. "


Main material Apple, 40g of the silver ear, accessories, rock sugar, Wolfberry is appropriate,


No, sweet flavor, craft, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Apple's spoon practice steps

1 Isolated is soaked with cold water.

2 Soak good silver ear into small pieces to put on the rice cooker.

3 Add a proper amount of water, put the liner into the rice cooker, cover and cover the electric cooker.

4 Apple washing.

5 Cut the apple into Ding.

6 After 1 hour, put the apple in the rice cooker and continue.

Add a rock sugar after 720 minutes.

8 至, power off. Add Wolfberry.

9 Stirring is uniform and enjoys.


1. The selection of fruits is based on personal preferences and physical condition. 2, rock sugar can be added.