"The Spring Festival a few days of big fish, the overeating should not be a small number? It should be very uncomfortable with the stomach and no digestion? What should I do? Come, cook with me? Spost! Apple contains substances for gastric mucosa repair, often eat apples to slow gastritis, have auxiliary therapeutic effect, and Apple can also promote digestion, have two-way adjustment of gastrointestinal role. Hawthorn has spleen appetite, digestive stagnation, The effect of living blood circulation. It is said that Hawthorn has a good effect on meat food. Apple hawthorn soup is quite simple, let's get cooked together. Apple If the sweetness is enough, you can not put sugar, but if you are afraid of sour sweet Can add some rock sugar to cook. Apple skin is quite good, if you confirm that your apple is not waxed, it is too late to wait for excessive processing, you can not cut. Hawthorn can also use fresh hawthorn. "


Main material Apple, hawthorn dry 1 small, accessories rock sugar (optional) moderate amount, water is moderate, sour taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Apple Hawthorn Soup

1 Prepare the hawthorn dry 1 small, the amount is less than enough, you can use the fresh mountain replacement.

2 Apple is washed, I am peeled, if you don't pee it, use coarse salts to wash the epidermis.

3 Peer to cut Twohalf, dig it out of apple, apple seeds.

4 Cut into large blocks.

5 Yang health pot plus appropriate amount of water, I poured approximately 1 L of water, put it in the apple pieces and hawthorn.

6 Select the fruit tea program and cook for 10 minutes.

7 drink water to eat apple meat. The taste is still very good, sweet and sour. I didn't add sugar, afraid of acid and add some rock sugar.


1 Apple has two-way adjustment. 2 Hawthorn has a digestive effect. 3 Hawthorn is warm, get cautious in the fire. 4 hawthorn sour, afraid of the acid, add sugar to cook.