"Friends of sugar cane and kumquat, cook a sugar cane water, sweet sour, clear and get angry, children love to drink."


Significant sugar cane is appropriate, dried 1st, kumquat, 10-20,


Water, sour taste, craft craft, one hour time, simple difficulty,

Treatment steps of Kingmao River Cane Water

1 Maogen wash.(There is fresh Maogen better.)

2 Sugar cane with knife, scrub, scrub clean.

3 小段, then make a strip.

4 Kumquat is clean to Half.(Seed said that there is the effect of coughing phlegm, so I didn't go.)

5 put all the materials into the soup pot, inject the right amount of water, boil the fire.

6 turn for 30-40 minutes, close for 30 minutes.

7 can be drank.

8 Sweet sour, appetizing.