"Simple delicious, sweet and appetizing, old, fast hand soup."


Main material Hawthorn 200g, three pears, excipient sweet potato starch water, pure water mode,


Little sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice for Hawthorn Soup

1 rock sugar.

2 pears is washed.

3 Determine, cut the block, as shown.

4 Allow good sweet potato starch water spare.

5 hawthorn cutting small pieces.

Put the amount of water in the pot, hawthorn cake and pear.

7 big fire will turn to the small fire, cook for five minutes, pour it into the good sweet potato starch water, slowly stir with the spoon, cook for about three minutes.

8 Add a rock sugar to cook a moment.


10 in a bowl.

11 dessert.

12 sour appetizer.