"Sour and sweet, delicious. I can also take care of the stomach, benefit the stomach, whitening skin, reduce the cholesterol in the blood."


Ingredients Wolfberry, Apple, red dates, accessories osmanthus optional, sweet flavor, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Wolfberry apple jujube water practice steps

1 Apple wash.

2 Peel, go to the core, cut the small piece.

3 Chopped apples placed in casserole.

4 Wash the red dates.

5 put on apples.

6 Pour the appropriate amount of water.

7 fire cook.

8 turn for 20 minutes.

9 wash it out.

10 osmanthus.This fundamental preference is selected to add and not.My child likes the smell of osmanthus.

At 11 am, sprinkle with the sweetness of the cinnamon, the sweetness of the sweet osmanthus.Too good.

12 Still it off.

13 Wolfberry scattered.

14 finished products.

15 finished product.