"Baby often eats more than eating, it is not willing to eat, crying, crying, can't sleep, etc. Two baby as a health care, the effect is particularly good, adults can also drink oh, sweet and sweet babies like it, recommend it to you. "


Ingredients 1, 10 pieces of hawthorn, 2 red dates, 1 cup of accessories,


1 spoon of rock sugar, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour, simple difficulty,

Hawthorn apple digestive practice steps

1 material large collection.

2 Apple peeled grain.

3 apple grains, red dates, hawthorn into the health pot, add the water 1.2L.

4 According to the health drugs, if there is no health pot, you will boil 30-45 minutes.

5 After cooking, add rock sugar, you can drink after the rock sugar melts.

6 sour is sweet, very delicious, I also eat light in the Two baby.


1. Rock sugar can increase or decrease the component with individual people, and recommend health pot. 2, the summer ice is more cool, the child should not be ice, hahaha.