"With the salty gold oranges of the marinated TWO, the pears were filled, and fully moisturized."


Another salt tangerine, a large pear, accessories, rock sugar 30g, light flavor, stew, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Judge Pear Soup

1 pear peeled to check the knife, kumquat is marinated. Two annihilant.

2 take a kumquat.

3 pairs of HALF.

4 remove the seeds.

5 pears and kumquats are put into the soup pot.

6 Add a sufficient amount of water, boil, change the small fire, stew for twenty minutes.

7 Add a rock sugar and continue to cook for ten minutes.

8 soup is faintly salty, almost taste, and the pears are sweet and delicious.

9 Kumquat pear soup.