"The aunt of my mother's ward is really harmonious. This kind of harmony is really ... I have an hospital during the day, they are chatting, I have been saying, I don't stop saying, I have stopped. Sleep at night, wake up, no matter what Time points, I started chatting. I found that at 1 am, 2 o'clock in the morning, I have been chatting, and then I am talking, they are talking, I don't stop talking ... I have a headache. I feel There is a small hammer in the ear, there is a non-stop. Let's go to the market to buy bayberry, a little more, cook some sugar to myself, drink some sweet, comfortable to lose control, then go to the hospital for a while. "


Ingredients Yangmei appropriate amount, pure water, auxiliary salt, salt,


The right amount of rock sugar, sour taste, boiled process, three times when consumption, simple difficulty,

Bao Mei Sugar Practice Procedure

1 Yangmei puts salt, soaked for 20 minutes.

2 Clean repeatedly.

3 Put the health pot, add pure water.

4 Take rock sugar.

5 According to your own taste, you can start less, and the process of cooking tastes the taste, and you can.

6 choice sugar.

7 pot for 5 minutes.

8 took a bayber.

9 crushed.

10 crushed a few, such a sugar color is glamorous.

11 Cook for a few minutes.

12 disc.

13 finished products.