"Every time I bought it in the local fruit, it is a long, sour, basically this is a fruit of the set of fruit bags. So, I rarely buy loquat as fruit. This time online shopping is because of my mother, cough,This time I bought a round little fruit, the taste is relatively sweet and juicy. "


Ingredients LOQUAT500G, accessories pure water 800g,


Rock sugar 100g, sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Sugar loquat practice steps

1 Wash the round small loquat.

2 Take rock sugar.

3 Pure water in the health pot.

4 rock sugar.

5LOQUAT peeling nuclear.

Put the health pot.

7 Basic water levels and flesh.

8 chooses sugar water.

9 cook.

10 side of the rock sugar can be dissolved.

11 disc.

12 finished products.