"Stew a sweet soup, which can protect the scorpion, but also improve the color, sweet taste."


The main taller is 1 silver ear, 5 red dates, 1 pear,


Rock sugar, sweet taste, stewing process, hourly time, simple difficulty,

Silver pear stewing practice steps

1 Let's first prepare the ingredients you need.

2 pears cleaned, then remove the core, cut into small pieces.

3 The silver ear is soaked with water to make it bubble.

4 foaming silver fungus repeatedly rinsed with water, then torn into small blossoms, throw away roots.

5 stewed pots in a pot of water, do not exceed the highest water level.

6 Put the ready white ear, pear, red dates, and rock sugar into the stew.

7 stewed cooked in the cooking pan, cover the cover, open the switch, start stewed, this time it is stewed for 1 hour, the amount of water is just fine, the silver ear, pear and red dates are stewed, taste Normal, red dates will not be completely rotten, the entrance is instant.


1. This silver ear is relatively large, the pears are not small, so you can stew twice. 2. If you want the silver ear, you can bubble the silver ear.