Ingredients Sweet Ferment Rice moderate, eggs,


Sugar amount, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Sweet Ferment Rice Egg Practice Steps

1 Prepare Sweet Ferment Rice.

The water is boiled in 2 pots, stir the water into the pan, then put the egg into the pot.

3 Cook the eggs.

4 Open the spline of Sweet Ferment Rice.

5 Sweet Ferment rice is put into the pot.

6 is boiled.In the bowl, put the sugar according to the right amount of taste.

7 Delicious Sweet Ferment Rice eggs are done.

8 Very nutritious.

9 is suitable for girls.

10 started


Sweet Ferment rice is especially suitable for girls, or you can add red dates, Wolfberry, ginger, brown sugar, etc. according to taste.