"Mango fruit ellipse, the peel is yellow mango fruit ellipse, the meat is delicate, the smell is sweet, and it is rich in vitamin. Today, a cup of Soybean Milk and mango juice, taste is good. Very delicious fruit juice. It is simple and not complicated.Don't waste time, everyone will do it together! Record the late night of December 11th ""


Main material Mango Half, accessories Soybean Milk a bag, sweet taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Soybean Milk Mango Juice Practice Steps

1 finished product.

2 In advance mango, this time only Half is used, Soybean Milk prepares a bag.

3 Mango peeled, cut into mango mud.

4SOYBEAN MILK is juicer with mango into the juicer.

5 finished products, Mango Soybean Milk juice.

6 to a cup.

7 finished products.

8 finished products, taste is good.

9 finished products.