"The West Phoeloffs contains valuable natural vitamins P and rich vitamin C and soluble cellulose, which are fruits containing less sugar. Vitamin P can enhance the function of skin and pores, which is beneficial to skin health and beauty. Vitamin C can participate in the human bodyCollagen synthesis, promotes the production of antibodies to enhance the diendy function of the body. Slim menu is less than it. "


Main material, 1 drinking water, 180 grams of drinking water, 50 grams of honey, sour taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Poppoprantiful juice step

1 Xiolo dental film spare.

2 Put the west pomelo into the stirring cup and add honey.

3 Pour in drinking water.

4 Stir to no particles with a manual stirrer.

5 Pour into the cup to drink.

6 finished chart.

7 finished chart.


The amount of honey can be adjusted by themselves.