"Irself crushing the juice at home, the most fear is the juice oxidation, especially pear and apple, once oxidation, the color is black, and it is difficult to sell. In fact, the oxidation of juice is related to the speed of juicer, the speed is high Generating heat, it will speed up the rate of juice oxidation. This manual juicer solves the oxidation of juice. Since the manual juicer, the juiced juice will not be discolored around 30 minutes. High juice, high taste is pure. "


Significant Snow Pear, the amount of pure water of the accessories, the original taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Snowflake juice practice steps

1 Wash the snow pear.

2 Remove the slices.

3 Put the juicer and slowly shake the handle.

4 juice flow into the storage box.

5 Squeezed a very dry pear residue, automatically flow out.

6 Pour the pressed pear juice into a bowl.

7 can drink. Very sweet and sweet "Snowflake Juice", great!


1. If the taste is too sweet, add appropriate amount of pure water adjustment when pressing. 2. In order to verify the storage time, I used a large bowl with a large number of juice and air contact area. This is placed for 30 minutes, and the juice has not changed. 3. For health, the crushing juice should not be stored for a long time, it is best to drink better in time.