"There is an electric juicer in the original home. After each use, clean it, and still keep a lot of juice in the dregs, so it is not used. Since the defeated manual juicer, good Extreme. Cleaning is easy, the amount of juice is high, the dross is dry. Drinking juice has become very simple. And away from the additive. "


1. 1 apple pear, accessories pure water mode, fruit taste, squeezing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Homemade juice practice steps

1 Ingredients: Apple pearid: Pure water (optional).

2 Fixed the juicer.

3 Wash the apple pear and cut a block. Because there is no peeled, it is critical.

4 Put the apple pear into the juicer, shake the handle, and press the feed rod.

5 This is the pressed slag, very dry.

The juice extracted into the box.

7 Pour the pressed pear juice into the cup.

8 can drink.


1. If the pear juice that feels pressed is too sweet, add a small purified water when it is pressed, and it can not be added. 2, you can choose the fruit you like. 3, I use apple pear, so the crushful juice is deep.