"I have always liked fruit and vegetable juice, today I recommend: Strawberry tomato juice, nutritious, hydrating whitening, taste fresh, perfect combination!"


The main amount of strawberry, one of the excipient tomatoes, light flavors, fresh crafts, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of strawberry tomato sauce

1 Wash spare tomato.

2 Strawberry salt soaked, rinse with water.

3 When you go back, put it in the utensil.

4 tomato cutting blocks.

5 Put the utensil into a mud.

6 Open the ACA small partner.

7 minutes, delicious rendering, wow, beautiful pink!

8 Homemade drinks, please taste.

9 breakfast came a cup, fresh pleasant.

10 finished graph.


Now drink now, nutrition is not lost!wish you happy!