"Entering the temperature in June, getting hotter and hotter, and all kinds of delicious drinks began to sell. In summer, eat a bite of ice and cool, it seems to be hot in an instant! But sell in the market The colorful cold drinks, mostly add food pigments (it is what we said), good, but very unhealthy, often consumed to cause a certain harm to the body. In fact, we can fully utilize fresh fruits of natural colors, replace The pigment comes from the cool drink, which eats, not only delicious and healthier, the most important and safe and safe. Make good babies, ice cream methods have a lot, but the ingredients are very simple, milk (or yogurt) plus fresh fruits ( Or Sauce is successful; like milk taste, you can join alchemy or light cream; prefer to be desirable, you can add some sugar or honey; as long as you like it, the color and taste are According to the different ingredients, there will be differences. If the cold drinks made with mango, it must be yellow with mango, and the avocado is definitely green. In the homemade cold drink, it is actually not bother, now every household has a cooking machine, an anilla And the kitchen small appliances, such as the cabin, there are conditions that you like, and you can repeatedly use the rod ice mold. The appearance is beautiful to eat. It is convenient to use water after eating. The ice cream comes with the refrigerator is full, as delicious. Take a look at the way together. "


Ingredients with 1 banana, red heart dragon fruit HALF, accessories pure milk moderate amount, fruity taste, frozen process, ten minutes, ordinary difficulty,

Banana dragon fruit milk rods practice steps

1 Preparation of ingredients.

2 Banana peeled slices, put into the cupping cup.

3 Red Heart Flower Fruit, use the knife around a circle, then cut the small piece from the middle, then pick it up with the knife, put it in the dispenser cup.

4 Pour the appropriate amount of milk, and the amount of fruit is covered, and the base of the cutter head is tightened.

5 Pack the cooking machine, press the switch, do not have more than 1 minute each time.

6 In fact, it takes only 20, 30 seconds, and it has been evenly played.

7 The good milk juice, kiss, don't want to do the bar, just prepare to go out, you can change the base of the cutting head to the cup cover.

8 Bounced on the small cover directly, clean and convenient; because I want to think about the ice, so it is just a demonstration to see you.

9 Wash the rod ice mold in advance, and then pour it under the disinfection of boiling water.

10 Next, the laying milk juice, poured into the rods, insert the rod chapch, and sent to the refrigerator to freeze.

11 Take the mold before eating, and rush down the cylinder with water.

12 Rotate a few times, you can take it out.

13 Homemade Bar, not only high value, good nutrition, safe and secure, how good.


1. Wash the rod ice mold in advance, and use boiled water to disinfect the sterilization. 2. When you eat, remove the mold in the tap water, you can take it out. 3, the amount of milk should not be too much, is a good granule, the thick point is better. 2, the colorful cold drink sold in the market, mostly add food pigments (it is what we said), good-looking but very unhealthy; we can use the natural colorful fresh fruit to replace the pigment homemade cold drink, do The finished product is delicious.