"Meng Meng's girl powder, gorgeous watermelon ball, coconut fragrance mix, cold drink."


Significant Western Mei's right amount, watermelon ball mode, coconut milk mode, milk moderate amount, excipient sugar powder mode, milk flavor, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Watermelon Coconut Milk Sikiwa Practice Steps

1 Square amount of water in the casserole is boiled, small Westerni is put, boiled for about 20 minutes.

2 Cook until the middle of Simi is only a small white spot, and the fire will be simate it.

3 watermelon digging the ball.

4 Filtered watermelon sauce.

5 appropriate amount of coconut milk, watermelon juice, milk, sugar powder.

6 appropriate amount of west.

7 watermelon balls are put in, and then some Westme is pouring.

8 finished products.

9 finished products.