"Summer is hot, it is better to taste watermelon strawberry smoothie!"


Significant watermelon HALF, pure milk 165ml, accessories Want to ice ice ice (strawberry flavor), white sugar 2 spoon, sweet taste, freeze-craft, hourly time, ordinary difficulty,

Pathing steps of watermelon milk strawberry smoothie

1 may have some foam.

2 Pull out all the steps first, then use the juicer to fry the meat into watermelon juice.

3 Prepare milk and broken ice.

4 Pour the milk into the bowl, don't finish it.

5 Pour the milk in a bowl in a bowl, then squeeze the broken ice into the bowl, and the broken ice is preferably refrigerated, then add a spoonful of white sugar.

6 Use a plastic film to break the milk ice seal, and then seal the watermelon juice!Refrigerate in the refrigerator.

7 Place Two minutes.

8 After the frozen fish came to TWO hours, took it out, smashed them, then mix it together, put a spoonful of sugar, then stir.

9 Then our casings will be told.