"Easy to make a self-made yogurt at home, do not have to rash milk drops! Household trays! Healthy and delicious!"


Ingredients 180g of cheese yoghurt, accessories of fire dragon, mango mode, blueberry mode, almond, cashew nuts, appropriate amount of raisins, sweet taste, frozen process, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Relaxed homemade fried cheese yogurt practice steps

1 Prepare materials, cut fruits and dried fruits.

2 Prepare a big flat plate and pour your yogurt in.

3 Lay a layer of dried fruit first.

4 Reparse a layer of fruit. Then pack the plastic wrap and freeze four hours.(In fact, I think Two should be an hour.

5 After removing, stand for about 5 minutes, take the spoon from the edge to be scraped.

6 hard scratch.

7 is big in the bowl.

8 can add some self-made sauce, eat it!