"This summer is more hot, not a general hot, in the year, Hubei will have a long time for a row, in the past, 5 of the five fingers of July, there are several rain, no walked out In July, the heat is difficult to enter in August, although it is an autumn, but the power of this autumn tiger is not reduced, and the heat does not want to go out every day, buy a vegetable for a few days, really don't want to go out, I want to bubble every day in the air-conditioned room I didn't have an appetite, I bought a few red hearts of the people who liked, I cut her ate. When I cut the dragon fruit, I would like to think about the fire dragon jelly hard to eat, I don't have every day. It is also to let me buy ice cream, think about the snow ice cream of the ice cream, I have bought it this year, and the children are more embarrassed, and the fruit is frozen. Sand ice is both economical and affordable, and there is no addition The daughter is super like to eat. "


The main material is a red heart dragon fruit, the taste taste, the skill process, hours time consumption, simple difficulty,

Practice step of dragon fruit sand ice

1 Prepare a red heart, the red heart is more sweet, my family is standing, because the daughter super likes to eat the red heart dragon fruit, if you use the white heart, do it, then prepare a little honey or sugar powder, because the sweetness of the frozen will decrease , You can add yogurt or pure water when you play sand.

2 Dragon fruit peeled, put it into the fresh bag refrigerator for 5 hours, I was frozen in the refrigerator at the beginning of the night, and I could pick up sand ice during the next day.

3 The dragon fruit taken out of the freezer, slightly frozen, put it into the broken cup, don't put it in, it is not good to make it into Saji, if the fire dragon fruit is not sweet, you can add some honey or Sugar powder, you can also add some pure water or yogurt, which I didn't put it, just want to eat pure fruit sand ice.

4 cover the cover to install the cup, long press the electric cleaning button, stir the mixing for a few seconds, stir the stirred rod to press the stirring rod to underwater Sand ice, so repeated a few times of sand ice Is it super simple.

5 Look at the stuffed sand ice super delicate, can't help but take a spoonful of eating.

6 Put the stirred sand ice, you can enjoy the dragon fruit of the cool and heat, you can also call fruit ice cream, delicious, super delicate, true no added fruit ice cream.

7 finished chart.

8 finished graph.

9 finished graph.


1, the red heart dragon fruit is more sweet, suitable for sand ice, the water is relatively large, sweet and some are suitable for sand ice, such as mango, strawberry is delicious. 2, the sand ice I didn't add water, and the sand ice that is playing is solid, or it can add ice cubes to be a liquid sand ice, see you like it.