"The delicious ice cream made from five fresh fruits and whispering cream, the production steps are simple, the taste is rich, eat with confidence!"


Main material watermelon 100 grams, 100 grams of dragon fruit, 100 grams of kiwi, 100 grams of mango, 100 grams of blueberry, 1000 grams of light cream, 50 grams of dark chocolate, 80 grams of dismissive fine sugar, sweet taste, frozen process, one hour time consumption Simple difficulty,

Five-flavored fruit ice cream practice steps

1 Preparation materials are shown.

2 Subcap the five fruits to spare in a bowl.

31000 grams of cream add 80 grams of fine granulated sugar to the ninth distribution.

4 Divide the whipped oil oil into five alcohols, each of which added a fruit crushing mixed.

5 Put the five fruit cream pastes in the silk flower bag.

6 Press the five flavors of cream paste into the mold.

7 Plug in the ice cream rod, cover the cover in the refrigerator to freeze 24 hours.

8 dark chocolate insulation water melting (about 50 degrees of water temperature, not too hot).

9 Melt the chocolate in the pouch.

10 Strip the ice cream, then squeeze on dark chocolate, you can eat it later. It can also continue to refrigerate the refrigerator.

11 sweet, delicious, heat.