"Blueberry is a very nutritious fruit. Children sometimes have a little acid, you can make it blueberry sauce, and frozen. Haha, popsicle is magic, no person can't resist!"


Blueberry popsicle blueberry Sauce90 grams, 400 grams of yogurt, 90 grams of blueberry sauce blueberries, 50 ml of sugar, sour taste, frozen process, hour time consumption, simple difficulty,

Blueberry popsicle practice steps

1 blueberry sauce with yogurt.

2 The blueberry sauce poured into yogurt and stirred well.

3 Pour into the mold, 9 points.

4 freezer for four hours, demold.

5 Introduction to Blueberry Sauce, the raw material is blueberry and sugar water.

6 Pour the blueberries into sugar water, boil.

7 Stuffed to slippery.

8 Blueberry Sauce is coming, simple!