"Nutrition value has diuretic, swelling, detoxification, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat, adjust blood sugar, has great help to heart disease, nephrology, etc., Yiqi, slow, food, energyAlso have the effect of boiling blood circulation. "


Significant red beans 600 grams, red sugar 300 grams, accessories milk 100 grams, add, sweet taste, frozen process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Procedure for Red Bean With Milk Ice

1 red beans, add 6 cups of water soaked for 2 hours, together with the soaking water to the furnace, first boil, and then cook for 1 hour 2 to add sugar seasoning when the red soy is fed, carefully stir it to sugar solubilityAnd turned off when it is viscous, let it cool.3 When you eat, add the ice in the dish, and put the red bean, and finally the soil milk is ready.


1. Red beans are soaked, boiled, but it is easier, but the water should not be too much, be careful in the middle, do not be too hard, so as not to be crushed by the beans.2. If the red beans are not boiled, you can't add sugar, otherwise it is not easy to boil.