"The passionate chocolate pulp wrapped in cold ice cream. When the chocolate met the ice cream, it was solidified! It became a lightweight and crisp chocolate crisp. It is really resistant, no resistance!"


Main material mango mode, chocolate ice cream moderate, vanilla ice cream applied, white chocolate 120g, dark chocolate 120g, Olioids appropriate amount, plastic tea powder, auxiliary fruit, sweet taste, frozen process, hourly time, simple Difficulty,

Practice for chocolate crisp ice cream

1 Chocolate insulation water melting and puts into the silk flower bag.

2 Extrude the appropriate amount of chocolate into the silicone mold.

3 Rock the mold to make the chocolate to the mold wall, put the refrigerator for 10 minutes until solidification.

4 The ice cream takes out the room temperature in advance and divides the vanilla s cream.

5 Add a tea powder.

6 joined Ore ascrosis.

7 Remove the solidified chocolate shell, fill in the cream of the taste, and put it in advance.

8 put it back to the refrigerator for about 3 hours until the ice cream is solidified.

9 Take the freezed ice cream, fill in the top of the chocolate seal.

10 Frozen HALF hours, completely solidified and demolded.


/ Snow Cream / 1, the ice cream needs to be taken out in advance to the room temperature softened, which is convenient for the back operation. 2, the taste used by the cakes can be prevised. / Chocolate / 1, making a chocolate crisp, it is recommended to fill in TWO layer chocolate, it is not easy to break when it is demolded. 2, novice partners make crispy, you can use brush assist, brushing chocolate towards the mold wall. 3, the taste of the chocolate can also use white chocolate to match the taste of tea powder. 4, melting chocolate water temperature, can't be too high, chocolate can not touch water, otherwise it will cause chocolate to isolate or granules.