"A coolness in the summer is not like you."


Solid sweet potato 2, purple potato 2, pottery 2, raisin, appropriate amount of red beans, smear milk milk, accessories, Cocoofa powder 200g, Simi 80g, ice mine water 3 bottles, sweet taste, boiled process, one hour consumption Time, ordinary difficulty,

Burning fairy grass and fairy practice steps

1 Prepare the ingredients, my ingredients are bought in Tmall supermarkets, and they can receive the sweet potato, purple potatoes, and cut the peel cut.

2 Potted water separation bowl cover and steamed, I use a high pressure cooker, so that it is more faster, what is steamed, as long as it is cooked. OK.

3 Potted in the water to boil the Westmi in the middle, there is a small white point, about 15-20 minutes to turn the fire, cover for 10 minutes.

4 The steamed taro is taken out, crushed.

The 5 small amounts of pour in the cassava powder, first stir it with a shovel to not stick to it, rub it smoothly with hand to the surface, and not stick to it.

6 Taro dough is embarked, and the sweet potato is crushed, the step is the same.

7 add tap potato powder stir, first use the shovel to stir, it is not sticky. When you feel too sticky, you must knead the dough! In this way, it can be uniform and face, and there is a strong road.

8 is the purple potato in turn, steps.

9 and good dough mats are clean, hands are clean, and the face is smooth.

10 Put the dough into five round balls, and grow in sections.

11 Take the tool to cut the face into small pieces (without tools, directly squatting the ball ball is also possible, the shape is casual).

12 in the pot boil water and poured into the face.

13 Boiled TWO minutes (look at it on the water, the original ingredients are already cooked, and you can cook it slightly).

14 Remove the cool water ready to prepare in advance, so that you can put a few bottles of mineral water in front of the refrigerator in advance).

15 Western foal is put into cool water.

16 Ready materials, if you don't need to eat, put the rice and noodles qq in the refrigerator, cold Half hours, then take it out, better taste, you like to put the fairy, I can put it, I didn't buy it.

17 sequentially put the West Mi - Side QQ- Red Beans - Raisins - Coconut Milk (