"A lemon can be a drink, only satisfying you."


Main material green lemon, rock sugar or white sugar 60g, ice cubes moderate, excipient oolong tea 250ml, taste taste, other processes, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps for blasting four seasons

1 1 Step 1: 1 green lemon

2 Step 2: loose lemon

3 Step 3: Make up the lemon

4 Step 4: Add a rock sugar or white sugar 60g

5 Step 5: Add the appropriate amount of ice cubes

6 Step 6: Xueke uniform

7 Step 7: Four Seasons Chunyu Long Tea 250ml

8 Step 8: Snowk again

9 Step 9: Add lemon

10 Step 10: Pour into the cup

11 drinks will be done


A lemon, a little sugar, a cup of crawling, a year, four seasons such as spring.When you use the lemons, you need to smash all the lemons.