"I really like this feeling that can make snacks, great, especially a sense of accomplishment. Of course, the premise is that I like to eat! - ̗ (1 ᵔ⌔ᵔ1)"


The main strawberry 100g, finished cream 150g, accessories strawberry 100g, sweet taste, freezing process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice steps of strawberry fruit ice cream

1 is called 100g strawberry.

2 Put the grinder to ground into the mud.

3 is given 150 g of cream, room temperature melt.

4 Chopped the remaining strawberries.

5 cream with chopsticks and disappeared with an electric eggbeater in a solid.

6 Pour to the previously made strawberry and cut strawberry flesh.

7 is mixed with electric eggbeater at low speed.

8 put into the container.

9 The fresh film is placed in the fridge in the refrigerator.

10 Good strawberry fruit meat ice cream is surprised, every mouth can eat the flesh, the taste of the child.


There will be some ice creams made with fresh strawberries, and the friends can try to try with strawberry powder, and there may be delicate feelings of milk strawberries.