"There is no hate, the taste is very good, today the weather is hot, I have something to eat."


Isolated cream 200g, accessories milk 100g, strawberry flavor 70g, white sugar 10g, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Simple ice cream practice steps

1 Put the cream to put it alternately.

2 Put the chocolate to the milk in the milk, put it on one side to cool down, can't be too hot.

3 The chocolate milk puts the temperature and stir well.

4 With a plastic film, it can be put into the refrigerator for 2 hours with a plastic film.

5 After the frozen Two, take it out and mix well with an egg.

6 cover is frozen in the refrigerator, take it out every TWO and stir it, repeat three to four times.

7 This is a finished chart, the taste is very delicious.