"Today, I will do a simple home for thousands of layers. It is a simple to give my family. I went down, and I have a thick milk, sweet and soft."


Sub-egg 2, 200 grams of milk, 40 grams of low-gluten flour, 10 grams of corn oil, 20 grams of white sugar, 1 gram of auxiliary salt, 400 grams of olean, 70 grams of white sugar, sweet taste, baking process, hours Time-consuming, ordinary difficulty,

Practice for homemade cake

1 Low-gluten flour 40, first add 60 grams of milk, mix evenly. Then add 140 grams of milk, continue to mix evenly.

2 After 2 eggs, add 10 grams of corn oil, 20 grams of white sugar, 1 gram of salt, mix well.

3 After sieving, refrigerated HALF hours.

4 Remove the paste, non-stick, brush a layer of oil, pour into a spoonful of confusion.

5 turned out excess egg liquid in a circle.

6 The fire slowly fry until the egg liquid is coagulated, this formula I did 8 pieces of 8 inch.

7 Help with 8 inch molds and cut out the perfect circle.

8 Refrigerate the wrap for one hour.

9 light cream 400 grams, 40 grams of white sugar, hairpin to 8 hard foaming state.

10 Put a piece of oil on the bottom of the 8 inch mold, put a piece of face, and apply a layer of whipped cream.

11 Spread the whole cream with a doctor.

12 Placent with a piece of slice, apply a layer of whipped cream, such a layer of layers.

13 After all operations, put the refrigerator for 1 hour.

14 Every cutting knife is best to use boiled water, so it is better.

15 often thousand layers of cake, complete o (∩_∩) O

16 Simply give your family a single order.

17 a bite, thick milk, sweet and soft silky.


1 2, the batter must be sieved, it is best to sieve 2 times, the finished product will be more delicate. 3, the fried cake skin is best to put the bottom, I forgot to put it on the top, the finished product is not good. 4, I have a little thin, you can double the quantity of the recipe, and do a thicker.