Ingredients 1 (55 grams of left and right), corn oil 45g, fine sugar 30g, light cream 40g, low powder 150g, corn starch 50g, excipient purple potato stuff 300g,


Masurira cheese, original taste, fried process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Patient steps for purple potato

1 material is prepared, and the powder is screened.

2 eggs, oil, sugar, and light cream, mix well, emulsified.

3 Add a sieved low powder and corn starch.

4 成 团 后 保 保 片 膜 20 minutes.The dough is divided into 10 small dough purple potato stuffing into 10 copies.

5 per purple potato purse wrap the appropriate amount of Masuli cheese.

6 Tight tightening the seal mouth and roll round.

7 pasta bag on purple potato ball

8 form a square, like a dice.

The 9-pan opened a small fire, put a little oil, put the fairy bean cake on the flat plate.

10 frying to each face.


Tips: The kind of non-pain in a pan.The purple potato stuff is ready-made, a bit soft, can be frozen for a while, just a good package.