"If you have a cloud, have you eaten?"


Sign in egg tarts, 2 accessories eggs, a little milk, a little chocolate, a little marshmallow,


Little crammuting, sweet taste, roasted process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Practice of chocolate marshmallow egg tart

1 Egg 2 dispersion.

2 cotton candy.

3 dark chocolate.

4 Dissu eggs plus HALF box milk, a little crash milk, 1 spoonful of white sugar is mixed well.

5 egg tarts plus dark chocolate blocks, pour the tubes into the egg tarts, bake with the air frying pan for 15 minutes.You can bake according to your personal air fryer.

6 After this, take the cotton candy in the top, bake for 1 minute.

7 Just took the marshmallow of the cotton candy, and took it a little waiting for a while, I will go back soft, eat a cotton candy brushed, chocolate, it is really fragrant.


Chocolate can choose ordinary dark chocolate.