INDUTION 65% of dark chocolate 200g, light cream 200g, accessories butter 15 grams, whiskey 1 soup pool (or HALF bottle cover), cocoa powder, original flavor, other processes, hours time, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps of truffle chocolate

1 Material big collection.

2 Chocolate chopped to be used.

3 Light cream is heated to boiling immediately.

4 Pour the hot milk into the chocolate, stand for 2 minutes.

5 Add butter stirring.

6 Join whiskey.

7 After stirring, the refrigerator is placed in a cold, and the room temperature waits for cooling.

8 Chocolate solidified, dig the HALF spoon with a soup snack (of course, the size of the chocolate particles is related to the size of the spoon, please consider the amount of amount).

9 After the chocolate is placed into cocoa, make the chocolate uniformly wrap cocoa powder.

10% of the refrigerator is placed in low temperature, and use it.


1, dark chocolate raw materials are also available in 60% of dark chocolate.2, National Day holiday is doing this chocolate at home, while plastic chocolate is melting, so doing chocolate or waiting for the weather.