"Baby is designed to puff the formula + finger cake's shape, the baby can directly grab it. It does not shrink after getting cool, suitable for take-up. But it is best to finish it, to ensure the crispy mouth. Post style Process, baby over four years old can make a happy operation. "


Main material low-gluten flour 100g, salt butter 80g, water 160g, sugar 5g, 2 eggs, no proper amount,


Canned cream is appropriate, color sugar, taste, roasted craft, one hour, ordinary difficulty,

Puff finger cake practice steps

1 All materials. Three bottles of cream whipped cream in the upper right corner is squeezing is a solid cream, no need to send, no can not add, foam is also very good. The lower right corner is a colorful sugar sprinkle, used to embellish, the children like it, but they can not be added.

2 but oil, water, a spoonful of sugar, heating, melted butter, boil. If it is a saltless cow, add a spoonful of salt.

3 After boiling, turn a small fire, add flour.

4 quickly stir well.

5 Continue to stir for 1 minute and stir into the smooth dough. Flameout.

6 The dough is slightly flattened, under the bottom of the pan, open the big water for about 10 seconds, drop to 30-40 degrees, can not make the dough completely cool.

7 bowls are the egg liquid of Two eggs. Taking advantage of the dough is warm, the egg liquid is poured into the dough, and it must be mixed even after each addition.

8 Stir the dough into a very viscous batter. Egg liquid may not be used, it may not be enough, everyone can increase the egg solution as appropriate. I haven't used it, the rest of the bowl is left.

9 Capacious viscosity: When it comes to the spoon, you can see the triangle of the pendant, and it is still in the extended 4-5 cm, and it will not continue to slip down.

10 Put it to the silk flower bag.

11 squeeze into strips. The oven preheated 200 degrees roasted for 15 minutes to expand it, then turn 180 degrees and continue to bake 25 minutes.

12 Grilled, you can feel that the whole housing is brittle and hard, there is no possible retreat, and you can eat it when you take it out. If you don't hard enough, you can continue to bake for 10 minutes. It is empty, you can go in.

Under the following, the baby is doing: For the four-year-old baby, it is a bit difficult, so I let them squeeze on the surface, then Settle it. (They can be happy)

14 is done.


The advantage of bottled cream is convenient, there is a crowd, but the bad place is also obvious, so soon, so it is necessary to enjoy it as soon as possible.