"Autumn pumpkin harvest season, pumpkins eat a variety of rice, today, make a spinning pumpkin, sweet, sprinkled with coconut, sweet and coconut milk!"


Main material pumpkin 400g, white sugar 100g, water water 100g, excipient corn starch mode, coconut,


Oil, sweet taste, frying process, HALF hours, advanced difficulty,

Coconut fragrant pumpkin practice steps

1 pumpkin cut into pieces.

In the 2 pot, the water was burned and the water was opened into the pumpkin water 30 seconds.

3 Sprinkle the appropriate amount of corn starch and wrap the pumpkins on the corn starch.

4 other boiled oil, the oil temperature is 60% heat into the pumpkin small fire.

5 fried to the surface of gold and yellow to protect the oil.

6 stereotypes, a large scoop of water, 100 grams.

7 Add a large table of white sugar, 100 grams.

8 Open a small fire to make big bubbles.

9 Do not stop stirring, make caramel colors.

10 Pour into the pumpkin, stir fry evenly.

11 Then install it into the disc, then the syrup is added.

12 With the coolness of the syrup, the color of the pumpkin will get deeper, can see the sugar, and the pumpkin can be pulled out.

13 Sprinkle with Coconut.

14 After cool, the outside is tender, soft sweet, very sweet!

15 finished chart!