"Today, I do a burst incense donut, full energy bomb, crunchy skin sugar shell and soft donut, with ice cream mouth, Vanilla, Kasida Sauce, a bite, go straight, delicious Lick your fingers. "


Pasta raw material high-gluten flour 300 grams, 4 grams of yeast, white sugar, 2 grams of salt, milk, 1 egg, 40 grams of eggs, excipient egg yolk, 50 grams of white sugar, 30 grams of corn starch, 300 grams of milk, 30 grams of salt butter, 2 grams of vanilla, 80 grams of whipped cream, 150 grams of sugar shell, 60 grams of water, sweet taste, sweet taste, baking process, hour time consumption, advanced difficulty,

Practices for vanilla burst donuts

1 Let's do 300 grams of high gluten flour, 4 grams of yeast, 40 grams of white sugar, salt salt, 130 grams of milk, 1 egg, all put it into the bread machine.

2 Stir until the relatively rough film.

3 Add room temperature softened completely mozzand butter 40 grams, (Note: The temperature of the salt-free butter room is soft to gently poke a pit.)

4 Continue to stir until the thin bread film.

5 Remove the dough, after the round past, cover the plastic film, ferment at room temperature for 1 hour, to TWO times.

6 Take out the good dough, sprinkle a little flour, dispenser, row the gas, and add a 1 cm thick sheet.

7 cut out the donut shape with the mold.

8 put on the baking tray of the pad, cover the plastic film, relax for 1 hour, to 1.5 times large. The rest of the dough is round, cover the plastic film, and put it for a while, and then operate again.

9 Take a non-stick pan, the oil takes a little more, the oil temperature is heated to 6-7 heat, put it into a good donut pasta.

10 Then the whole box, slowly fry until the TWO is golden, you can get it out.

11We, then do Kasida Sauce, prepare 3 egg yolk, first add 50 grams of white sugar, stir evenly.

After mixing well 12, 30 grams of corn starch was added.

13 Continue to stir evenly, until the particle smooth state.

14 Take a pot, add 300 grams of milk, 30 grams of salt butter, cook until the butter is completely melted from fire.

15 hot milk butter fluid, poured into the egg yellow paste several times, pour it in, remember to stir the mixture, prevent the egg yellow paste from being hot.

16 Then pour all the liquid over the sieve.

17 open a small fire, so that the mix is ​​cooked to the viscous.

18 Add 2 grams of vanilla, stir evenly.

19 Then just sieve the Kazida Sauce, the taste is more delicate.

20 Kasida Sauce surface closely covered a layer of plastic wrap, and then put the refrigerator and refrigerated.

21 Cool Cold Kasida Sauce, take it out to add 80 ml of whipped cream, send a smooth paste, put it into the flower bag.

22 Cooling donuts poked a hole with chopsticks and stirred out of space.

23 You can enter the donuts into the donuts in Kasida Sauce.

24, then we can add 150 grams of white sugar, add 60 grams of water, and slowly in the medium and small fire, continue to make a whole fire.

25 until the temperature rises to 140 ° C to 140 ° C.

26 hot donuts into the donuts, thin wrapped on a layer of sugar shell.

27 and then put the edge of the cooling and solidification on the line.

28 Vanilla exploding donuts, complete.

29 bomb full of energy, crunchy candy shell jacket, soft donuts.

30 vanilla ice cream taste Caska sauce, a go straight exploding, tasty to lick your fingers.


1, do not wrap the candy shell is too thick, the cooling will be very hard, I was first wrapped in a thick, almost to the teeth stick out, I still feel wrapped in white sugar delicious. 2, boil sugar, stirring with chopsticks when not to prevent foundry, mention about shaking the pan to let sugar melt completely as soon as possible.