"The production method of sugar chestnuts has French and Japanese style. Japanese production is often a point, you can refer to Japanese gourmet film" small forest "production method. I used French production methods, materials It is more comparable to the production method, but the taste adds a sweet fragrance of vanilla and the slightness of the rum. "


Ingredients with shell chestnut 2 pounds, 500 grams of white sugar, 1 excipient vanilla pod, 30 ml of rum, sweet taste, boiled process, time consumption, simple difficulty,

French confectionery chestnut practice steps

1 Cut the fresh chestnut washed in one end with a scissors, put it in the pan and add a little salt to cooked for 3 minutes. After picking out the shell peeled. It is recommended to buy a chestnut special scissors online. Heaven, I am going to break the chestnut finger, I have broken it, I hurt me for a few days.

2 Then put the chestnut meat into the filter tea bag, you must tighten the filter tea bag filled with mouth. Because chestnuts are easily broken during the boiled process, use the filter tea bag to prevent the chestnut finished product. (It is recommended to filter tea bags with gauze material).

3 Put the chestnut meat into the pot into the pot, add the chestnut meat, add 200 grams of gran sugar.

4 Add a vanilla pod.

After the fire is boiled, boil for 20 minutes (see black vanilla seed in the pan (✪ ▽ ✪)), let the chestnut meat is immersed in sugar to the second day.

6 The next day, continue to add 100 grams of gran sugar to boil for 10 minutes, then continue to make chestnuts in the sugar water to the third day. On the third day, I added 100 grams of sugar to cook for 10 minutes and continue to soak the fourth day. (In the process of cooking, the water is found below the surface of the chestnut meat needs to add water to the surface of the chestnut meat).

7 Add 100 grams of granchables.

8 and 30 ml of rum, small boiled chestnut meat for 10 minutes, check the fire.

9 Take the chestnut meat, put it into the cold storage box for disinfection.