Significant pumpkin, Glutinous Rice powder, appropriate amount, accessories Sweet Ferment rice mode, candy, sweet taste, boiled process, TWO minutes, simple difficulty,

Flower Sweet Ferment Rice Pumpkin Beans Sand Circle Practice Steps

1 big pumpkin harvested at home.

2 Sliced small pieces steamed the pot.

3 steamed pumpkins into mud.

4 Add the right amount of Glutinous Rice powder.

5 揉 成 团.

6 Take a small piece of pumpkin glutinous rice puzza into the beans.

7 揉 into a round ball.

8 is all in turn.

The 9 pot is placed in an appropriate amount of water.

10 Join the pumpkin bean sofeng.

11 After cooking, add the appropriate amount of Sweet Ferment rice.

12 Add sugar, boiled.

13 hurry up a bowl, sweet, and the scent of osmanthus, delicious