Ionnect an appropriate amount of Olio biscuit, 1 piece of dragon fruit, 1 piece of yellow peach,


Ammus yogurt 1 box, sour taste, mixing process, ten minutes, simple difficulty,

Yogurt fruit Olio practical steps

1 Prepare the above raw materials.

2 Cut the dragon fruit and the needle as a piece or grain according to his mood.

3 Or use the mold to engrave it into a flower shape. Prepare a cup of dragon fruit on the cup on the edge of the cup.

4 Pour yogurt in the cup, pour it into Oli, put it on your yogurt.

5 Put on the top of yogurt, put your own dragon fruit you like.

6 There is another cup of yellow peach.

7 pour your yogurt

8 put on the dragon fruit.

9 Add the yogurt, add the dragon fruit on the top of yogurt. You can set up according to your hobbies and your mood. A cup of grapes, Yogurt, Olio!


Dear, you can buy some Oreo cookies that are ready-made, if not, you can buy Orio, go to the middle of the sweetheart, break it. Oreo doesn't use it too broken, a little bit of thick particles chewed.