"Niu Rolling sugar refers to candy made from roasted nuts and honey, score hard TWO species. Soft is made of white cow padded nougacly sugar made of protein, using fresh, pure milk refining,Sweet is not greasy, the mouth is not sticky. "


Main material cotton candy 300g, accessories peanut 260g,


Butter 80g, milk powder 160g, sweet taste, mixing process, HALF hours, ordinary difficulty,

Practice steps for nougat

1 First prepare butter milk powder marshmallows that need to be used as well as the grams of reference.

2 The first step of butter under the pot slowly to melt.

3 Melted butter pour the cotton candy and mix evenly then turn off.

4 Pour the milk powder and stir blended a minute and mix well.

5 milk powder is filled, and then pour it into the peanuts and stirred mixed a minute and mix the peanuts together in the fire.

6 It is blended in the iron plate in the plate to pick out the milk powder to avoid adhesion to the refrigerator.

7 After cooling, you can eat it.

8 can also pack your favorite packaging to send friends to send friends.