Main material grapefruit 2, accessories, rock sugar 300g, sweet taste, speculative process, hourly time consumption, simple difficulty,


1 First wash the entire grapefruit with salt.

2 Peeling the grapefruit, remove the meat, leave a grapefruit.

3 Remove the grapefruit epidermis.

4 Leave the remaining grapefruit.

5 Cut a small piece of size, put it into the water, and press it repeatedly.

6 Mainly to remove the bitterness in the skin of the grapefruit.

7 Wrinkled in additional small pots, about 2 times.

8 Wrisled.

9 is ready to boil the boiling water, put it into the grapefruit skin, and you can remove it.

10 Remove in cold water.

11 Remove the undertake.

12 is put in cold water, screw it, repeated a few times, I washed five times.

In the 13 pan, add a small amount of water and put the rock sugar.

14 Up to the whole rock sugar melts.

15 Add to prepare grapefruit skin.

16 repeatedly stir fry until water evaporates.

17 small fire slowly until hangs on the sugar.

18 finished products.