"Every time I eat, the various materials are more, not every time I can do it! There are more proteins, except Makaron, try angel volume! White tender volume, add vanilla to essence, Unique flavor! The stuffing is purple potato mud cream, sweet and not greasy, color is very beautiful! Decorated with fresh fruit, almond crispy tablets! Note: The furnace temperature must adjust according to its own oven, the recipe temperature time is for reference! No I like the taste of the purple potato, I can use the original cream to hold filling! This furnace temperature, the epidermis of the angel roll is picker, and if the surface and the bottom color can be reduced, the time can be baked, and the time is prolonged for 5 minutes. "


Main material protein 180 grams, 3 grams of lemon juice, 48 grams of fine sugar, 70 grams of milk, low powder, 30 grams of milk powder, 1 gram of vanilla,: 30 grams of purple pasta 3 grams of fine sugar, sweet taste, baking process, one hour time, ordinary difficulty,

Pattern of purple potato vanilla angel rolls

1 Prepare the material. Protein plus lemon juice is refrigerated or freezed into a slightly wovery state, more stable and delicate, easier to play. Purple potato peeled dipping pot steaming.

2 milk is poured into a clean pottea, pour it into corn oil (the order is not reversed), add fragrant, stir the mixed emulsification, viscous state.

3 Side in low powder and milk powder.

4z is mixed to dry powder. Smooth drop.

5 protein is taken out. At this time, you can preheat the oven to 180 degrees.

6 Low speed hit fish eyed bubbles, plus 1/3 sugar. Medium speed hit fine small bubble plus 1/3 sugar; hit the threaded road plus the last sugar, turn the high speed to hit the wet foam, mention the egg head to show a big bend hook, turn a few times, and make a large bubble.

7 Take 1/3 protein frost into a batch, and mix the mixing method. Take 1/3 protein cream in the same manner.

8 mixed figures back to the remaining protein cream, the same operation and mixing, using a doctor blade and the basin, and the egg is mixed, and then mix a few times.

9 In the 28 * 28 gold plate of the pushpoint oil from 20 cm, it is flat or scraped with a squeegee, and the vibration is lifted from high vibration 2.

10 Put it in the middle of the preheated oven to biased it, and the upper and lower 150 degrees baked for about 28 minutes.

The steamed purple potato mud plugged during the 11th time is mixed into the mud, and the seal is sealed.

12 Grilled, after the hot gas, transferred to the cool back cool, cover the oil paper to prevent the epidermis from being blown away. After the fine temperature, the buckle is buck, tear off the bottom oil cloth! Cover oil paper is hot.

13 Remove the refrigerated purple potato mud, add 100 grams of cold whipped cream mix. Then add 100 grams of whipped cream, and the low speed is low-speed to the texture without flow.

14 rolls face up, wear ramp, purple potato cream, picked up on the volume, thick in the middle, and the tail will leave a little. Lift the oil paper, roll the cake roll with a rolling pin, wrap the oil paper seal and refrigerated. 30 grams of whipped cream plus 3 grams of sugar to send to the state of the flower, according to your own preference, cut the block! Sweet and not greasy purple potato vanilla angel rolls! Will it?