"The autumn pear rose, the rest of the soup and the fire dragon flesh, made a jelly."


Main material autumn pear 1, Dragon fruit HALF, white lone powder 40g, accessories pure water mode,


White sugar 10g, lemon juice, sweet taste, other processes, hours, simple difficulty,

Jelly jelly in autumn pear

1 autumn pear washed.

2 Peeling TWO block.

3 slices.

4 dragon fruit chopped.

5 in autumn pear pot.

6 cut lemon, squeezing into lemon juice.

7 Pure water.

8 put white sugar.

9 cook for 3 minutes.

10 cool.

11 Remove the autumn pear tablets.

12 The rest of the soup is put on white.

13 Stir well.

14 cook the pot.

15 It is natural to let it cool in the container.

16 doing jelly.

17 take a few pieces.

18 Pour the milk.

19 finished products.


You can do not put milk directly.