"The self-cultivation of Luo Shenhua, dried tea, and also made some Luo Shenhua sauce, sweetly sour taste, mixed buns very delicious."


Main material Luo Shenhua 1000g, rock sugar 350-400g, excipient water 2 rice bowl, sour sweet taste, boiled process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Practice for Luo Shenhua Sauce

1 Luo god is washed.

2 Peel it out.

3 Calyx is cleaned again.

4 wash fluffs on the surface. (Seeds rich glue)

5 Crack 5 with a knife.

6 Put the seeds of the crack into the pot, pour 2 bowls of clear water.

7 is boiled and cook for 5-10 minutes.

8 don't have the seeds.

9 Put the water of the flowers and boiled seeds into the pot.

10 Add a rock sugar. (I put the rock sugar into powder, it is easy to melt. Sugar is put on her own taste, do not put it all, leave some as needed. I put 350 grams of rock sugar.)

11 cook until it is thick.

12 can slow down. Cool will be more thick.

13 Take heat into the disinfected bottle. (The bottle is pre-cooked, dry.)

14 After the buckle is restored, put the refrigerator.

15 sweetly sour taste. Can be mixed with sauce or drunk.

16 wipe the bread, delicious.