"Fast Breakfast"


Ingredients with low-gluten flour 120g, 2-3 eggs, pure milk or low-fat milk 80g, excipient sugar 20-35g, bubble powder 5g, butter 3g (no choice), original taste, roasted process, TWO minutes, simpleDifficulty,

Practical steps of original taste waffles

1 Prepare the material.

2 ➕ ➕ white sugar.

3 play eggs, milk, butter, then stir.

4 play.

5 flour of sieve, foam powder.

6 Stirring no particles.

7 is stirred into a large particles without large particles.

8 After preheating for three minutes, poured into the breakfast machine nine points because it would be born.

9 heating for five minutes.

10 soft ~

11 is very soft ~

12 Good morning, nutritious breakfast.