Significant pure milk is appropriate, bird's nest mode, accessories, rock sugar,


Wenye water is appropriate, milk flavor, stew process, HALF hours, simple difficulty,

Milk stewed bird's nest practice steps

1 Prepare the right amount of bird's nest.

2 The bird's nest is added to the appropriate amount of water, put it into the refrigerator low temperature bubble for one night.

3 Bird's nest repeatedly in the bubble and then put it in the stew pot.

4 Add the right amount of rock sugar.

5 Add a small amount of warm water.

6 stewed in the pot, add appropriate amount of water.

7 water cook for 30 minutes.

After 830 minutes, he opened the bird's nest, and saw the bird's nest and can be bubble.

9 Take the bird's nest.

10 Add appropriate amount of pure milk.

11 Stir well.

12 finished products.

13 finished products.